About Us

We are a group of Chinese-American professionals witnessing the dire situation in China.  Our friends working at the frontlines of US hospitals are lacking basic PPE. We have well connected contacts in China who operate manufacturing plans and are former import/export inspection officials.  We have solicited their assistance to verify product authenticity and quality, and procure and deliver high volume PPE to US hospitals and essential workers.


We will update our products page as we vet manufacturers and their products, and obtain necessary FDA approvals for US import.   If there is a specific PPE that you need that you do not see, please let us know by filling out this form, and we will ask our China contacts to find them.

The health and safety of our frontline health workers and essential workers is at the forefront of our efforts.  As a result, we take extra measures to ensure that the products we recommend and procure meet performance standards. 


We have taken extra steps other distributors may or may not take to ensure product certification and testing....  Our highest priority is health and safety of US frontline health workers, essential workers, our communities and not profitability.

What We Offer

  • We verify all certifications, including validating the certifying laboratories and their membership within the International Accreditation Forum.  

  • We match their documentation against what they registered with relevant Chinese agencies.


  • We visit the manufacturing plants to ensure (they say who they are, cleanliness, taking appropriate manufacturing steps).  

  • We check that the manufacturing plants are using the appropriate material (i.e. melt-blown non-woven poly.... fabric) 

  • We personally send out certain products for independent performance testing and verification.  

  • We ensure that product delivery will be direct from the manufacturers to US companies to ensure product authenticity.