Shipping and Delivery 

Due to the global impact of COVID-19, air freight is limited and in high demand.  Costs go up every day, and the queue for certain companies is booked out for weeks.  We will be as transparent as possible with the current costs and situation. 

Due to the limited availability of cargo flights, the freight shipment needs to be paid in full at the time of slot reservation.


Due to the high global demand of PPE, the price of PPE changes daily, with the trend going up.  Manufacturers expect 50% downpayment to place an order, with the remaining balance due 1 day before shipment.  


Contact our sales team to get more information on current pricing.

US FDA-approved performance standards versus China National  performance standards. Each country (region) has their own accepted standards.  Many of these performance standards have similar requirements, but are not identical. Our PPE will at a minimum meet Chinese national standards, with many also meeting European standards.  They may not have been tested in accordance with US standards, but that does not mean that they do not meet US standards. Since it will be challenging for us to procure PPE that is certified against a US performance standard test, we have created a table of comparing the different performance standards and their requirements for each product type to assist US buyers with making a decision on whether these will provide adequate protectiveness for their workers.    


Comment:  Chinese Regulatory News:   

Due to the high profile and prevalent incidence of counterfeit and sub-standard PPE leaving China, the Chinese government has recently cracked down on the export of PPE used in a health care setting.  These changes have further complicated export and shipping time.  


1.  Starting on April 1, Chinese government has indicated that it will independently test 100% of PPE export shipments for performance.  In addition, if there are discrepancies with the product documents, including manufacturing location, and what is registered with relevant Chinese agencies, the shipment will not be allowed to leave.  This has created a huge backlog and delay of shipments leaving China, as well as a "new supply" of available PPE in China that may not have passed Chinese customs.


2.  China is no longer allowing the export of paper, cloth, ---, and --- facemasks, even for non-health care use.  They are confident of the non-effectiveness of these products against the COVID-19 virus, and due to liability and reputation, are not allowing the export of these products, even for consumers, knowing that that's what these products will be used for during this COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they are only allowing the export of medical-grade face masks, whether it is labeled as such or not.